Improving yourself by 1% doesn’t sound like much…and it isn’t, but constantly improving yourself by just 1% can lead to some pretty incredible outcomes.

Instead of trying to drastically improve your business, your relationships, your finances, you happiness focus on improving each aspect of your life by 1%.

  • What’s one thing you can do to improve your financial situation by 1%
  • What’s one thing you can do to improve your business by 1%
  • What’s one thing you can do to improve your relationships by 1%

1% isn’t noticable in the beginning, but it’s easy to do and it compounds over time.

Improve your life by 1% consecutively for 100 days and you’ll be 2.7 times better off. Do it for a full year and you’ll be 37.8 times better off.

How I’m Applying This To My Life

Tbh, mainly in business, finances and fitness.

Business – This is where the real gains will come. Make my videos 1% better each day, make my landing page 1% better, make my sidebar 1% better, make my freebie offer 1% better, make each email 1% better.

There are so many 1% opportunities in my business it’s ridiculous.

Instead of trying to completely overhaul my business I’ll just make it 1% better…but 1% better every. single. day.

Finances – How can I save 1% more today than yesterday, what are little savings I can make in my life, what are little ways I can make a bit of extra money?

Fitness – How can I be 1% fitter today? Do 1 more push up, run 0.1 miles further, do 1 extra sit up…have sex 1 extra time today than yesterday. Haha ok that’s not sustainable. 37 times in 1 day! Even I’m not that horny.

I love this 1% idea and will be applying it to my life in 2019 in a big way.

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