The year was 2013, I had 3 months’ worth of savings in the bank and had just quit a six figure job for an online business than was making me $500/month if I was lucky.

So I had 3 months to get my business off the ground and making significantly more money.

I could focus on short term business deals or do freelance or consulting work. But I wanted to build my business not just work for money.

My solution:

Create 5 pieces of content per day.

At the time that was 5 articles per day and I even tried to throw in creating YouTube videos as well.

While I couldn’t keep to this schedule for long, it was a great strategy to build up my content base quickly and some of the articles I wrote in that time are the most visited articles on my blog and have made me thousands of dollars over the years.

If You’re Just Getting Started

So if you’re starting an online content business and you want to get it off the ground quickly I suggest creating 5 pieces of content per day.

This might be 5 articles like I did back in 2013. Or it might be 2 articles, 1 video, 1 podcast and 1 instagram post.

What type of content you create depends on you and your strategy and what you are inspired to do that day, but just getting in the habit of constantly creating content will allow you to more easily create more content, which will naturally grow your business.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Don’t take shortcuts in creating your content to get your 5 pieces done each day. Focus on creating 5 pieces of high quality content and push the boundaries and develop your skills.

Always try to be better.

Make that article amazing, make that YouTube video informative, make that podcast interview so interesting people will want to listen until the end.

Don’t create 5 pieces of crap content per day. You’d be better off creating 1 good piece of content than 5 crap pieces of content.

You Don’t Have To Start With 5

I would love to start with 5 pieces of content per day for Ryan Maclane.

But right now I’m sneaking in writing this article while my wife is in Sydney and my kids are watching TV and in 10 minutes I need to go and make dinner.

Today I can’t do 5 pieces, tomorrow I probably can’t either. But I can do 1 piece.

So I’ll start with 1 piece of content per day, then I’ll work up to 2, then 3, then 4 and then get myself to 5.

Don’t Stress Too Much About Format

The strategy for Ryan Maclane is to grow my YouTube channel. Writing articles like this is NOT my strategy.

So “technically” writing this article is a waste of time


Creating content, any content, gets your creativity flowing. The hardest thing is to start and I’m starting.

So creating content tomorrow will be easier and then creating content the next day will be easier again.

Eventually that ease will spill over into YouTube and Instagam, which is where my real focus needs to be.

By creating something, anything, creating what you really want becomes easier.

Be Willing To Be Bad

If you want to get good at something you have to be willing to be bad (or average) at first.

But by consistently publishing content and consistently trying to improve the content you create you will get better at it.

And by doing 5 pieces of content per day not only will it get you traffic and attention and grow your business but your skills will grow way faster than someone only creating one piece on content per week, or even one piece of content per day.

So give it a try and see what you think

Take care,




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