With the launch of my Ryan Maclane YouTube channel, I’ve been struggling to work out exactly what sort of content to post to this channel.

A big breakthrough came last night when listening to an interview with Evan Carmichael. The breakthrough idea was that Evan treats his YouTube channel like a TV channel where not every show needs to be the same, but you can launch lots of different series all on the same channel.

Then driving down to Brissy today and listening to the Barefoot Investor on the way I had an idea.

For a while now I have talked about how I have pseudo financial freedom, short term financial freedom from my businesses. But what I want to start building towards is a more secure financial freedom.

The series idea is this:

Each week I will make some progress towards creating a more secure and sustainable financial freedom in my life. Then each Friday I will release a video talking about what steps I took towards that financial freedom.

This series will be cool as it will push me to make strides in my own financial freedom, it’ll be interesting content to follow and see how I am progressing and also it’ll hopefully be educational for the viewer in their own life as well.

Other Series Ideas

Other series ideas includes reviewing books (like the Barefoot Investor) or even doing an indepth series where I break down key concepts in a book.

I could break down the key concepts in Barefoot Investor and explain them in intense detail. I could do the same for Rich Dad Poor Dad, Anything You Want, The Lean Startup, The Innovators Dilemma, Good to Great, The Ethical Slut or any number of books. This could be a super cool deep dive into these books and could create amazing content for people who love a book but want to get more out of it.

It could also help me tap into trending books. Like I could start with the Barefoot Investor and then move onto The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck and then onto whichever popular book is making waves at the moment.

Finance Related

So it looks like Ryan Maclane is at least going to start as finance, financial freedom and entrepreneurial related, which wasn’t my initial intention but it seems that’s where it’s going.

I love that I can create series on almost anything and that the Ryan Maclane channel gives me the ability to constantly reinvent myself. I’m really excited for this project and to see what comes out of it.

Until next time,

Take care x


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